instipedia vision

Our Vision

To become one of the most trust-able leading leaders about institution info over the internet.

What We Do

instipedia is an online service provider which provides institutions searching & discovering service. It provides a platform where users can find & evaluate choices of the best institution nearby. We provide the various tools, where users can differentiate & compare the institution among them for a better understanding of judgement.

instipedia mission

Our Mission

To provide information about institutions Easy, Reliable & Fast. Giving the best user experience on it. Increasing the enrollment through it. Keep users privacy safe. One place, one site & one click gives multiple options of choosing best institution among them.

Meet the Team

We’re a team who put all the efforts in one direction which made this instipedia. We’re much aware of the issues or inconveniences of our targeted audiences so we work hard and make sure that they can get the information what they are looking for.

Varun Pratap Verma

Founder & CEO

I love the Business world so I have chosen the commerce stream to know more about it & completed Masters of Commerce from the University of Delhi. Searching for something new & analysis on it are two key aspects of my life. Truly appreciate those around you & support as much as you can. Believe in learning & never think you are a Perfectionist. I learnt a lot from my Team Members, Mr Aakash(CMO)- Always be confident & take initiative, Mr. Mukul(President)- How to truly take care of the things & always being on time, Mr. Yogesh(COO)-  Spirit of never give up, hard on the outside but soft on the inside. My Favorite line is “Don’t afraid of the struggles because you can create your own inspirational story for others.


Co-Founder & CMO
I believe in smart and hard work both, they are important for any organization. I’d always prefer to perform the most challenging tasks. As of recently, we all job seekers keep our first priority to have a Government job. So that we all want to get enrolled in a perfect institute. After completing my Graduation in 2013 from Delhi University, I decided to build my own startup rather than to start a job, so that I can do a bit contribution in my country’s economic growth. I’m very excited and passionate about this project and look forward to an awesome response from my user’s side. Any help needed guys, I’ll be always with you. Love ya!


COO (Chief Operating Officer)
I am extremely enthusiastic about my work. I did my graduation from Delhi University. I’m trying to build myself as well-known individual subsequent who has been confronting numerous disappointments. I talk straight and work hard, and there is one more thing “I’m a Believer” as well. Guys, I’ll make sure that I can give you the information for which you are here. Everyone has the right to information. I’d like to mention here one more thing, you all have a friend here name Yogesh 🙂 Keep Rocking and best for all future endeavours.



I don’t trust in words, I believe in acts. And I have the confidence to do right things at an opportune time. In the wake of finishing my graduation from Delhi University, I’m looking through a stage where I can explore myself. There is no word can express my motives behind this project, but you can see on my face. Yeah, I’m talking about the smile. Buddies, I’m just here to bring smiles to your faces by providing excellence in our services. We’re a team and we make sure that we can make you happy. You Happy, we happy! Remember my words fellows, we’re just here for you guys for you only. Love to help 🙂